The New ‘Coast to Coast’ Hockey Jock from BN3TH

The Support of a Jock, the Comfort of Underwear



As all Hockey players will know, hockey jocks are a vital piece of equipment that protects your most sensitive area. While the protective cup is pretty standard, the base layer shorts or full-length pants are due for an update. From the pros in the NHL to the weekend Beer League players, everyone needs a Jock.

For generations, the protective shorts men wear while playing hockey have been practical but not comfortable.

BN3TH, known for being the Radically Better Underwear brand behind the multi-award-winning North Shore Chamois Bike Short, the Entourage undershort that’s taking the Surf world by storm, and the everyday favorite Classic Boxer Brief, has created a new kind of game-changing equipment, the Coast to Coast Hockey Jock.




Darren Hawrish, CEO of BN3TH ""I’ve played hockey all my life and still play on three teams. One of the most uncomfortable pieces of equipment has always been the jock. Players are always adjusting it back into position each time they step on the ice, taking the focus off the game. Creating an improved jock design for improved comfort and performance has been a dream since I got into the underwear business in 2009.

The BN3TH MyPakage pouch turned out to be an innovative solution. Our patented pouch design with a front pocket for the cup keeps the cup and the whole package in place and prevents the chafing most players experience from current jock styles. I’ve been wear-testing these for 6 months through  development and the designs are now perfect. So comfortable you don ’t even notice you're wearing a cup. There’s no way to fully explain the difference in words, it has to be experienced".


BN3TH’s latest innovation is set to challenge and dominate a type of sportswear that has remained unchanged for decades. BN3TH’s patented MyPakage Pouch Technology™ has been adapted with an outer cup pocket with a Velcro closure at the waistband, for complete protection while keeping the incredible level of comfort BN3TH wearers know and love.



They also feature interlocking fabric at the lower leg to keep the pant from riding up/bunching, silicone beading for extra grip, a reinforced back panel with mesh to provide durability, and anchor cup to avoid movement while playing, as well as mesh in the gusset, inner thigh, keyhole, and back panel for increased breathability. Another pain point for players was their socks falling, so we’ve used a double Velcro patch to keep them in place.  




As a team of sport-loving Canadians, the BN3TH team knows how personal a well-fitting protective cup can be, so the Coast to Coast Hockey Jock has an outer cup pocket with Velcro closure at the waistband integrated into the patented MyPakage Pouch Technology™. Super-strong Velcro has also been used to keep the socks held securely all game long.

The Coast to Coast Hockey Jock contains BN3TH’s Ionic+ No Stink Technology, permanent silver anti-odor fibers that kill stink before it starts, a must for any hockey bag!

The game-changing Coast to Coast Hockey Jock is available in both a Performance Hockey Jock Boxer Brief ($60 USD) & Full Length ($70 USD) from and will be in stores across North America from September 26, 2021.






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