Packing List Priorities

Rethinking underwear’s role in a multi-sport adventure

By David Wilson

Photos by Chris Kimmel/Alpine Edge Photography

When packing gear for a trip into the backcountry, underwear is not usually one of the items that gets much thought. The usual thinking goes something like, “Don’t forget the crampons and ice axe. Is this enough fuel for the stove? Should I carry this extra food or just vulture some of my buddy?”

But after packing a few BN3TH products on a recent multi-sport traverse, I’ll now always ask myself, “How many pairs of boxers briefs can I fit in my bag?” 

Photographer Chris Kimmel and I started this specific traverse on some logging roads near Squamish, B.C. From there, we planned to hike through an old-growth forest to access the alpine, where we could then scramble to the summit of Mt. Gillespie and follow the ridge north around Pinecone Lake. After that, we’d to bushwhack down towards the Pitt River hot springs and, after a good soak, finish the trip off by paddling our packrafts down the Pitt River.

This was “the plan” anyway. We knew there was a fair amount of uncertainty with this trip, especially since there was no established route. And although this trip was a success in hindsight, there were many moments where we doubted our route and questioned if we would be able to find our way to the hot springs.

Without any established route past Mt. Gillespie as well as the added weight of paddles, PFDs and packrafts, the terrain took an instant toll on our bodies. Additionally, a day with little progress due to the failure of our routes (and a lot of unnecessary elevation loss that had to be regained) left our egos bruised and spirits dashed. There were moments where we questioned if we'd be able to find a way to the hot springs at all.

In these moments of exhaustion and frustration, it was easy to be thankful for the gear that brought some comfort to this adventure – like our rain jackets that kept us dry, our boots that ensured secure footing, the stove that made us meals fast when famished…and our boxer briefs that provided a noticeable extra level of comfort.

It quickly became apparent how invaluable BN3TH’s “support” was with the MyPakage Pouch Technology. Not only does the pouch provide extreme comfort, but throughout the grind of an adventure we stayed chaff-free. The moisture-wicking fabric and the silver anti-odor technology of the Pro Ionic+™ took comfort to another level, while keep things fresh and worry-free. Not having to adjust our underwear while on the move was a true blessing.

As the trip continued, so did the suffering. (But our boys remained fresh and happy.) We bushwhacked our way through 8 kilometers of very steep, rugged terrain down to the river and hot springs over 1000 meters below. Our persistence, communication and decision-making was invaluable as we navigated this rough terrain. The sense of accomplishment was palpable as we slipped into the hot springs to relax our weary muscles.

The next day and a half felt like a completely different adventure as we swapped our boots for our packrafts and kayaked 22 kilometers down the unbelievably blue Upper Pitt River. Looking back up at the mountains we’d just traversed spawned huge smiles on our faces. After enduring the struggle, the success of our journey tasted so much sweeter!

After trips like this, mental notes get made about what to bring next time also what not to bring. The comfort and function of BN3TH stood out and will remain a staple for me on future adventures. Whether it's the Pro Ionic+TM Full Length underwear for the cooler alpine mornings, the Pro Ionic+TM Boxer Brief or hot, cardio intensive scrambles or the ultra-smooth comfort of the Everyday Classic (when all you want to do is kick back after a big day in the mountains), it would be hard to attempt any feat – big or small – ever again without being equipped with BN3TH's comfort and support.

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