Montreal-based artist explains the new Entourage Camofleur and Bloom patterns

David "Lebicar" Bicari has a thing for flowers. His obsession with blooms, buds and stems spawned from a Henri Matisse quote that says, "There are always flowers for those who want to see them." And it’s that stark contrast between the natural world and the concrete streets of his hometown Montreal that feed into is artistic expression.

Thankfully, he also creates wearable art and his patterns come out super dope on fabric. So we got him to design two new pairs of our Entourage Boxer Briefs (made from recycled plastic) for our Spring/Summer 2022 line: Camofleur and Bloom Surfer.

To celebrate the launch of these patterns, we tagged along for a day in the life of sorts with the man himself around his home, studio and a few of his favourite haunts in Montreal (a local flower shop…surprise!). You can peep that full video below.

Want more? After the video shoot wrapped up, we sat him down to talk further. Enjoy the following Q&A with Lebicar and be sure to follow his work on Instagram: @lebicar

What initially drew you to art?
I was always drawing but growing up in the skateboard scene was a good introduction, for sure. I was soaking in it. Art was everywhere…on the boards, in the videos, on the walls at the park. It was an eye-opener at so many levels from developing my music taste to being interested in art and architecture. As a teenager, I was filming a lot of skating in the streets of Montreal and I was adding doodles and handwritten titles to my artist venture pretty much started there.

What is your biggest inspiration?
It's hard to pinpoint. Inspiration is everywhere to be honest, but my personal feelings and the interactions I have with my friends and the society in general is something that I like to work on. Also, I think that my different interests such as skateboarding, the music I'm listening to or my lifestyle are always tinting my work in a certain way.

What is your preferred medium?
I like digital stuff, but nothing will beat a greasy squeezer marker loaded with black paint on a matte canvas.

What do you like best about where you live?
The people that surround me for sure — creative and open-minded. Also, Montreal is kind of chaotic, but super peaceful at the same time. I like this contrast. It makes a good playground.

Why flowers?
I use flowers as a friendly reminder to see life in a good way and share positive vibes. Flowers are everywhere if you take time to look at them. Henri Matisse said: "There are always flowers for those who want to see them."

Describe the inspiration behind your character Bloom.
I created this little guy as an incarnation of pure fun and joy. Bloom is always doing something that makes him happy. I think that sometimes life goes fast with responsibilities and all the "important" stuff and people forget what really makes them feel good deep down.

What went in to deciding which of your artwork would look best on BN3TH boxer briefs?
Boxers were a cool canvas because it's the first thing you put in the morning so it's the best way to kick off your day. I think that the Camofleur pattern fit perfectly. It's kind of subtle, but super punchy at the same time. We chose colours that stand out so it pops out really well. Peace over war! Always! For the Bloom print, the surfer was a perfect fit to bring a little bit of sun and warmth with the coming of spring.

What are your other interests?
Besides art and skateboard, I'm really into music, good food and wine. I've been playing a lot of guitar lately.

What do you like the most about BN3TH products?
The sustainable side of the brand is super nice. And the product itself is really comfortable!

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