A Himalayan Ride Along With Geoff Gulevich

Pro Mountain Biker conquers a grueling but rewarding route in Nepal

Most people know of Nepal thanks to Mount Everest. But it’s not everyday you hear of top-tier mountain bikers tackling the trails throughout the Himalayas. So when Geoff Gulevich let us know he was headed to the Annapurna region for a one-of-a-kind traverse, we begged for him to take us along. 

And he did, sorta… Gulevich packed BN3TH’s award-winning North Shore Chamois Paddled Bike Liner, which — as he puts it — “literally saved my ass.” But more importantly, he filmed the expedition on his GoPro to give us an insider perspective to this memorable trip.

Hit play below to witness his journey. (Spoiler alert: watch until the end if you’ve ever wanted to see Buddhist monks in maroon robes riding a mountain bike.)

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