Easy Ways to Support International Ocean Cleanup Day

wide-open beach, sea air flicking up the surf, and the sun beating down can fill you with everything you need for a Summer’s memory.  

Let’s do everything we can to keep that image as perfect as the real thing – keep the beach and oceans clean of plastic. 

September 19th is International Coastal Cleanup Day and there are a few super easy ways to make a real difference. 


Reduce and Reuse  plan ahead and bring reusable items to prevent having to find somewhere to drop the trash. If you absolutely need to use single use plastics or bottles, either find a recycling bin or bring them home to sort into your curbside pickup.  


Go Plastic Free  For your outdoor meal, bring along reusable plates, cups, and silverware. Washing up isn’t the most fun, but knowing you did your part makes it worthwhileIf you must choose disposable, please review the Ocean Friendly Foodware Guide by Surfrider for more sustainable options, which include paper, bamboo, and wood. 


Buying Better Products - A huge way to help and to ensure that shopping sustainably becomes more mainstream is to purchase products that are manufactured with the environment in mind, like us! BN3TH are proud that TENCEL™ Modal fibers are used in over 90% of our products and are manufactured by environmentally responsible production processes. The fibers originate from sustainable wood and pulp sources and are certified as compostable and biodegradable.  Along with its botanic origin, the key TENCEL™ Modal benefits include extreme softness, enhanced breathability, moisture management and color retention. Experience TENCEL™ Modal fibers for yourself with our Classic Boxer Briefs and TrunksTees and Sleepwear. 




Support an Ocean Friendly Restaurant  If you’re looking for take-out or catering, call a restaurant that is actively engaged in reducing their plastic use. Here’s your new go-to list 

Grab a Bag, Put on Some Gloves – Going even further to make the beach and oceans a better place is easy, and hugely appreciated by everyone. Pack up as little or as much as you can and remember, you’re awesome! (Here’s everything you need to know to take care of your health and the beach you love).


Lastly, sign up to donate monthly to Surfrider. Fighting plastic pollution is an ongoing battle that needs ongoing support. By becoming a monthly donor, you can provide Surfrider with the sustaining support it takes to battle plastic pollution every single day.  




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