BN3TH’s Sustainable Stocking Fillers and Eco Gift Guide


Rather than handing out gifts, this year we may be mailing carefully wrapped parcels to loved ones who can’t join us in-person. 2020 has given us more opportunities to reflect and gain perspective on what’s truly important, what makes us and those around us happy, and finding ways to help the community 

Holiday shopping can often be a time of frivolous spending and picking up novelties, but perhaps we can slow down and be a little more intentional with what we share, either around the tree or on a video call.  

BN3TH has always been overtly passionate about the environment but we’ve recently taken it one step further and have gone carbon neutral on all our TENCEL™ Modal products. That’s 90% of the BN3TH lineup!   



For The Everyday Dude

BN3TH Sleepwear Ultra breathable. Insanely comfortable. Casually cool. Designed for everyone. Enjoy TENCEL™ Modal softness every night of the week with this tapered unisex pajamas. Dual hand pockets, ribbed cuffs, and a drawstring waistband means you can sneakily wear these to grab a coffee.

Rethos Soap - handmade by a soap artisan in Vancouver, BC and uses repurposed ingredients from local cafes. It’s as sustainable as soap gets.



Nature’s Path Granola  this proudly organic and fiercely independent, family-owned brand does everything delicious, with an ‘Leave the Earth better than we found it’ mindset.

Another sustainable snack bowl staple is Hippie Snacks.Real Food, Simply Made’. With a twist on traditional snacks, they use only real, whole ingredients, and as a certified B Corporation, they’re always looking for new ways to keep the planet healthy too.  


BN3TH – Classic Boxer Briefs  Your everyday favourite whether your calendar is buzzing with call after call or you’re taking it a little easier, these sustainably sourced, carbon neutral, insanely comfortable and eye-catchingly designed underwear start your mornings off right.  




The Sportsman 

The PRO XT2® Boxer Brief was made to move: we've elevated the breathable, moisture wicking wonder that is the Pro by adding XT2® NO STINK Technology, a permanent silver anti-odor technology that kills stink before it starts. 





Bamboo Skateboards - an eco-friendly skateboard brand and manufacturer of high quality skateboards made of sustainable bamboo from managed forests.



All Bamboo skateboards and longboards are harvested from managed farms. Bamboo is a type of grass: cut it down and it grows back stronger than before. It’s not endangered. Managed bamboo-farms have a minimal effect on the environment.


Support the Oceans - The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches, for all people, through a powerful activist network. A large percentage of the proceeds from the store goes toward projects likeColor the Water to ensure their work of getting people to the beach, teaching them how to surf, and making sure our shared goal of ocean equality is carried out.  




For the Chill Chef

Reusable cooking utensils made from bamboo. Bamboo forests absorb 35% more CO2 than a regular mixed forest and are cultivated without pesticides or insecticides.


Food Huggers Set of 5 Reusable Silicone Food Savers  These handy little things cling to your freshly cut fruit and veggies to stop oxidation and keep them good for another serving. 


The Zero Waste Dish Washing Block Soap comes in compostable packaging and are a concentrated block of soap with no water.  No plastic containers enter the system, and transportation pollution and cost are drastically reduced. 


For those who like to choose their own gift, a BN3TH gift card never expires and is always a great go-to. Plus, since they’re delivered by email, there’s no wrapping to do! 



Whether you’re sharing gifts or sending love this season, every choice we make matters, and the more steps we all take together in the right direction will make a huge difference. Sustainability is always the best gift. 







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