Be Good, For Nothing

There’s a lot of pretty crazy news right now and with social-distancing, working from home, or just the endless updates about toilet paper shortages, we want to check in and see how you’re doing. 

1. Let’s start a wave of positivity, starting off with an epic feel-good Spotify playlist of our favorite jams. 



2. If you need to get into a good head-space, meditation is awesome. Even if it’s sitting quietly, eyes closed, next to a window, let your mind calm and feel the light on your face. Here are four steps to just taking a second for yourself. 

  • Find a quiet spot 
  • Slow down your breathing (in for 3, out for 3) 
  • Close your eyes 
  • Chill for as long as you need 

 3. Send a positive message to your contact list. Just asking ‘how’s it going?’ or a quick tweet to ask how your online friends are feeling can go a long way. 

 4. Make some phone calls. Even if you can’t see them face-to-face, your family and friends would love to have a chat, even about the mundane things. 

 5. Spend some time outdoors. Go and get some fresh air, away from the crowds. There’s no fresher air than in the forest or up on the mountains.  


6. Stop watching the news so much. We’ve all seen it and it’s pretty negativeNow watch Something that’ll make you smile.


7. Spend your day doing things that make you, and other people happy.  

8. One of the easiest ways to start your day off right is with a truly great pair of undies. Not just any shorts though, a pair that really make you feel like you could achieve anything, but we would say that. We make Radically Better Undies that start your day right.   

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