BN3TH The Surface: TJ Rogers

Pro skateboarder T.J. Rogers spends a day in L.A. with BN3TH’s founder Dez Price

BN3TH recently spent a day in Los Angeles with the inspiring and innovative T.J. Rogers. During fitness training at Runyan Canyon, Rogers’ go-tos are the breathable, moisture-wicking Entourage. And when it’s time to “skate with the stars” he’ll switch into the pillowy-softness of the Classics. But there’s a lot more to this pro skateboarder beyond the underwear.

As BN3TH founder Dez Price (a long-time friend of Rogers’) found out, being a professional athlete is a ‘round the clock job. After a rough childhood, Rogers found the desire to chase his dream of going pro. From Olympic qualification to battling cancer, nothing has been handed to him on a platter. Still, Rogers turns negatives into positives and continues to stoke out the next generation of skateboarders.

Madsteez brings his colour and flavour to the WEENderful world of underwear


No canvas is too big for Madsteez’s eye-popping colors and intricately-absurd details. He’s painted portraitures of countless notable luminaries, from Kobe Bryant to Bill Cosby and about everyone (and everything) in between. His visual style is truly original and predictably unpredictable.

But what about when it comes to underwear? “I had to be conscious of the fact that you’re seeing my artwork as the first layer you’re putting on,” Madsteez said.

In other words, you’ll likely be reaching for his signature pair of boxer briefs (or briefs!) the moment your top drawer opens up. Think of them as a shining ray of light poking through the blinds that shouts, “Good morning!”

BN3TH The Surface: Kyle Foyle

Meet North Shore Lifeguard, MMA Fighter and Family Man Kyle Foyle

Whether he’s working as Captain of the famed North Shore Lifeguards, refining his martial arts technique at his garage-turned-gym, surfing Pipeline, or simply being a dad, Kyle Foyle is an inspirational man. And we celebrate him.

Foyle seamlessly blends his personal passions with his professional career and family life. And throughout all this, he chooses BN3TH’s Entourage Boxer Briefs as his go-to base layer day-in and day-out.

From the surf to the sand and beyond, Hawaii locals like Foyle have easy access to unlimited stimulation for whatever mood strikes. So we tagged along with him to learn more about what drives his passion. Enjoy the ride…

Product Knowledge

Mahalo My Dude's Matt Dennison Breaks Down BN3TH's North Shore Liner Bibshort

Everything you love about our multi-award-winning North Shore Bike Liner but with an added level of security in a bibshort. The no-roll waistband has been replaced with lightweight elastic shoulder-straps and a breathable mesh back panel to make a bike bib like no other. Designed to be worn underneath shorts, this high-performance liner has the support you love about BN3TH underwear combined with a new world of comfort designed for your ride. Featuring BN3TH's first-of-its-kind patent-pending MTB-specific (Sea-to-Sky) STS Pad™ and patented MyPakage Pouch Technology™ to ensure everything is separated and secure. Plus, the durable silver anti-odor Ionic+® technology kills stink before it starts. Make every ride your best yet.


The World's Best Underwear is Now a Swimsuit

An everyday swim short that goes way beyond the deep end. For those with an active lifestyle in and around the water, there’s really no need to take these off. Whether it’s morning beach runs or sunrise yoga, the Agua Volley 2n1 moves with you through repeated sweats, dips, dry offs, duck dives and dunks. It’s got a fun-loving vibe on dry land, yet also functions properly when fully submerged — allowing water to flow easily through the breathable fabric. So whether you’re hitting the beach, the boat or the barbecue, the Agua Volley is the only short you’ll ever need.


BN3TH’s co-founders share the origin story of pouch underwear

BN3TH’s co-founders Dez Price and Dustin Bigney were unhappy with the current state of men’s underwear, noticing that was currently available failed provide the support needed for uncompromised comfort in crucial situations. So they decided to take a stand.

Price and Bigney share your favourite underwear’s origin story during this tell-all interview that examines the inception of the brand formerly known as MyPakage. Following years of serious R&D, BN3TH’s rebirth arrived with a shiny, new name, a sustainable approach to business and multiple product awards.

BN3TH Segment as seen on Fox Business Network, CNN, MSNBC and more

Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid

BN3TH was recently featured on Viewpoint with host Dennis Quaid and aired nationally starting 12/1/22 on Fox Business News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Discovery Life, CNN Headline News, Public Television and more. The video above was our brand showcase while highlighting BN3TH's sustainability efforts. Viewpoint provides innovative and unique content featuring the world's most influential organizations and individuals.