The World's Best Underwear is Now a Swimsuit

An everyday swim short that goes way beyond the deep end. For those with an active lifestyle in and around the water, there’s really no need to take these off. Whether it’s morning beach runs or sunrise yoga, the Agua Volley 2n1 moves with you through repeated sweats, dips, dry offs, duck dives and dunks. It’s got a fun-loving vibe on dry land, yet also functions properly when fully submerged — allowing water to flow easily through the breathable fabric. So whether you’re hitting the beach, the boat or the barbecue, the Agua Volley is the only short you’ll ever need.


BN3TH’s co-founders share the origin story of pouch underwear

BN3TH’s co-founders Dez Price and Dustin Bigney were unhappy with the current state of men’s underwear, noticing that was currently available failed provide the support needed for uncompromised comfort in crucial situations. So they decided to take a stand.

Price and Bigney share your favourite underwear’s origin story during this tell-all interview that examines the inception of the brand formerly known as MyPakage. Following years of serious R&D, BN3TH’s rebirth arrived with a shiny, new name, a sustainable approach to business and multiple product awards.

BN3TH Segment as seen on Fox Business Network, CNN, MSNBC and more

Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid

BN3TH was recently featured on Viewpoint with host Dennis Quaid and aired nationally starting 12/1/22 on Fox Business News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Discovery Life, CNN Headline News, Public Television and more. The video above was our brand showcase while highlighting BN3TH's sustainability efforts. Viewpoint provides innovative and unique content featuring the world's most influential organizations and individuals.

Backcountry Splitboarding Wearing the Glacier Creek Merino Wool Base Layer

Sometimes you just gotta skip the lift lines altogether and go deeper

BN3TH's sustainable Glacier Creek Merino Wool Base Layers are the ideal companion for spending days on end in the backcountry. Merino Wool provides that extra layer of warmth and comfort but won’t stink or hold sweat when your body produces heat. The Responsible Wool Standard fabric is naturally temperature-regulating and feels gentle against your skin, plus offers anti-microbial properties. Long after your outerwear is on the drying rack, you’ll be feeling fine fireside with our award-winning Glacier Creek Merino.

Introducing the BN3TH x On The Roam Collab

Jason Momoa Signature Boxer Briefs

Award-winning actor, environmental activist, and avid rock climber Jason Momoa doesn't just choose anything when it comes to his Boxer Briefs. He’s actually been “supported by BN3TH” for a few years now, wearing our sustainable Classic Boxer Briefs regularly. So when it came time to collaborate with a like-minded gentleman for a limited release, the fit felt about as natural as pairing TENCEL™ Modal fibers with our MyPakage Pouch Technology.

A Himalayan Ride Along With Geoff Gulevich

Pro Mountain Biker Conquers Grueling Route In Nepal

Most people know of Nepal thanks to Mount Everest. But it’s not everyday you hear of top-tier mountain bikers tackling the trails throughout the Himalayas. So when Geoff Gulevich let us know he was headed to the Annapurna region for a one-of-a-kind traverse, we begged for him to take us along.

And he did, sorta… Gulevich packed BN3TH’s award-winning North Shore Chamois Paddled Bike Liner, which — as he puts it — “literally saved my ass.” But more importantly, he filmed the expedition on his GoPro to give us an insider perspective to this memorable trip.

(Spoiler alert: watch until the end if you’ve ever wanted to see Buddhist monks in maroon robes riding a mountain bike.)