What Should I Wear Under Boardshorts?

Whether you’re surfing, kayaking, paddle boardinghanging out at the beach, or spending time in water, two things are inevitable; You’re going to get wet and your board shorts are going to get uncomfortable real quick. Wherever there’s moisture, there are rashes, chafing, and sticking and that’s before we’ve even talked about being completely unsupported. 

The team at BN3TH has experienced this many, many times. From surfing away the long summers to combo beach/skate days, board shorts just can’t handle much. Therefore, we all started wearing the Entourage collection under our beach gear. The moisture-wicking material and always-supportive shape make these our go-to whenever we’re even thinking about the beach.  

STAB Magazine recently mentioned BN3TH as the saviour of their board shorts review: “I was fortunate enough to find a pair of XS BN3TH Entourage shorts. They fit like a glove, kept the boys high and tight, and most importantly at this moment, provided a layer of rash protection for my coming surfs.” – Michael Ciaramella, Senior Editor STAB Magazine.    



Each piece in the collection is designed in collaboration with one of the BN3TH Entourage - a talented group of skaters, snowboarders, artists, surfers, bikers and all-around rad dudes. On top of that, the performance underwear is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. 

“Everyone wants to surf longer period. In the entourage, you will be blown away with the performance and comfort they provide and that leads to only one thing. Better surfs!” – Matt Keenan, retired Pro Surfer and BN3TH’s Director Sales, North America.  

Don’t just take our word for it. Pro Surfer Parker Coffin has been wearing BN3TH Entourage under his boardies for months now and there’s no going back (there are also a couple of other top surfers you might have heard of but their boardshort sponsors told us to keep our mouths shut about their new BN3TH obsession!). 








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