Earth Month is off and rolling. And while we try to practice “Earth Day, everyday” through our responsible products and manufacturing processes, April is a great time to talk about this kind of stuff. So we thought we’d shine the spotlight on a few non-profits that make it their full-time mission to save Mother Earth.

Check out the links below to learn more and get involved.

  1. The Nature Conservancy - This charity is all about protecting the lands and waters that make up our beautiful planet. They work to preserve the natural resources we have and ensure that future generations can enjoy them too.
  2. Rainforest Alliance - Want to help save the rainforests? Then look no further than the Rainforest Alliance. They work with local communities to promote sustainable agriculture and protect wildlife habitats.
  3. World Wildlife Fund - The WWF is a well-known charity that works to protect endangered species and their habitats. From tigers to pandas, they're working to ensure that these beautiful creatures aren't lost forever.
  4. Greenpeace - This charity is all about tackling the biggest environmental issues of our time. From climate change to plastic pollution, they're campaigning for a better future for us all.
  5. - If you're concerned about climate change, then is the charity for you. They're working to reduce carbon emissions and promote clean energy solutions.
  6. The Ocean Cleanup - Plastic pollution in our oceans is a huge problem, but The Ocean Cleanup is doing something about it. They're developing advanced technologies to clean up the plastic waste that's already there.

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