Save Your Summer – 10 Ways to Keep Your Cool

Is anyone else working hard to stay as still as possible 

The sun scorches down and the steering wheel burns my hands, I spend too long sitting in traffic edging toward the beach to feel the sweet refreshment of the ocean 

Was this really what we all longed for during those cold Winter mornings?


Thank goodness for the tower fan I picked up at the end of the Spring. Although even that’s not cutting anymore, especially through the long sweltering nights. We need something drastic if we’re going to make it through to the end of the season.  


1. Freeze your berries.  

There’s nothing so sweet as fresh summer fruit but put them in a reusable container and store them in the freezer. Each one is like a little burst of icy juice and double up to replace ice cubes in a refreshing cocktail or to add a twist to a gin & tonic 


 2. Wear lighter materials 

Denim always looks good but wear your Canadian Tux this time of year and you’ll be finished. 

Enter TENCEL™ Modal. As well as originating from sustainably harvested beechwood and being certified compostable AND biodegradable, TENCEL Modal is 2 times softer and more breathable than cotton.  That means, your boys reap the benefit of staying cool all day long. 




 3. Take a dip 

Feeling the waves crash around you, riding the surf back to shore and laying in the sun to dry out is time well spent, especially when drying out even quicker wearing moisture-wicking BN3TH Entourage Boxer Briefs. Spending time in the cool ocean is an obvious way to chill out, but if you don’t happen to live next to the beach, a long cold bath works wonders and will keep you cool as a cucumber long enough to get into bed and fall asleep.  


4. Mix it with mint 

Squash some mint leaves in your sparkling water or get a peppermint roller for your pulse-points (where your arteries are closest to your skin; neck, wrists, and the crook of your elbows) The oil in mint leaves is refreshing to drink and put on your temples, wrists, and on the back of your neck. It can also alleviate headaches and has been said to inspire a level of peace, which is something we could all use a little more of. Pro-tip – Mojitos with liberal amounts of freshly picked mint are to die for!  


 5. Save the A/C (and the planet) 

No need for expensive and energy-zapping air conditioning units. Freeze a big bottle of water (leave room in the bottle for the water to expand as it freezes) and put it behind a desk fan. The refreshing air will blow your cares away, and when it’s almost melted, drink it for a little hydration. If you don’t have a bottle, a roasting tray of ice in front of the fan works just as well. Add a little salt to the ice and it brings it the temperature down longer and makes the ice last longer!


 6. Put on a cool face 

Put your moisturizer or body lotion in the fridge. If you’ve got a sunburn, a nice cold aloe vera lotion will feel incredible! Remember to drink to hydrate as well as helping your skin though. 


7. Wear the right undies 

Avoid getting sweaty and uncomfortable with sweat-wicking underwear. BN3TH’s XT2 Anti-Odor Technology has silver woven in to be anti-microbial that kills stink before it starts by preventing the growth of odour-causing bacteria and won’t wash out. The ultimate Boxer Brief. 



8. Start swinging 

If you’ve got the space for it, string up a hammock. You don’t even need two trees; you can buy a metal base to hang it from and get that air flowing on all sides.  



9. Lay off the Coffee 

If you’re sensitive to caffeine, coffee will make you feel extra hot and give you the sweats. Instead, go for a decaf blended drink or ask for half-caff in your next iced coffee. Need a wakeup call? Do a few squats and stretches to get your blood pumping.  


10. Turn off the lights 

Switch off those heat-creating lightbulbs, turn your TV off standby, and unplug that overheating computer. All those electronics are raising the temperature in your home, so save some trees (and some cash on your power bill) and use the natural light as much as you can. You’ll miss it in the Winter!   


Hopefully, these tips will help you survive another epic Summer full of long days, endless adventures, and dreamy memories. Stay cool separated, supported, and comfortable - no matter how hot the days, you'll stay chill with BN3TH. 






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