Rad Dad: Aad Van Der Linden + son Remco

Everybody knows a Rad Dad: a role model, teacher, coach, best friend, mentor and hero. This Fathers Day, we want to share some of our favorite Rad Dads with you.

Looking at Aad Van Der Linden and his son Remco, one would think the father-son duo taking the modelling world by storm would have always had a close relationship. Believe it or not, their bond started later in life during a road trip across Europe from the Netherlands to Ibiza.

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Though not at fault, Aad was involved in a fatal car accident that caused him years of emotional trauma and physical health issues. On that chance trip with his son, Aad was able to open up to Remco for the first time in 30 years about the accident.

"When your dad starts talking about his youth and things that happened, you also start to open up more because you're talking now not just as father and son, but also as friends."

Now understanding the depths of his father’s depression, Remco urged him to try EMDR therapy and to practice emotional expression, two tools that had never been available to Aad before and both of which offered tremendous results.

“It’s hard, you know? If you have to go through every detail of how you’re feeling to really get to the core of the issue, you’re going to be crying your eyes out for hours, but the end result is amazing.”

Aad now makes time to speak with others who are suffering, educating them on the power of EMDR and offering himself as a support system to those in need.

As far as modeling is concerned, both Aad and Remco couldn’t be happier with the direction their careers have gone and the amount of quality time they now get to spend together. From the shores of Lake Como to the coast of Cape Town, they’ve been able to travel the world and evolve their relationship from estranged father & son to close friends.

Aad was never close with his son Remco due to a traumatic incident that happened 30 years ago. Thanks to a vacation together, the two were able to bond and talk about the mental and physical health issues that plagued Aad and are now the best of friends and coworkers in the modelling industry.

“I’m finding out I’m just like my Dad—It’s crazy, you know? The way he’ll start moving, or he’ll grab at something or do a ‘woop!’ like I do.”

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What started out as a casual snapshot of the two after one of Remco’s photoshoots quickly became a viral sensation, with photographers, stylists and other industry veterans clamouring to work with the dapper duo.

Moral of the story: You’re never too old to explore a new career, step out of your comfort zone for personal healing and growth, or put in the time and effort to forge a meaningful relationship with the ones you love.

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