#ProjectThreePointZero: Kelly Jablonski

BN3TH Entourage member Kelly Jablonski was an avid skateboarder and athlete, working in the passion sports industry and living life to the fullest until 7 years ago when his life was turned upside down after being involved in a catastrophic plane crash. Follow along as we dive BN3TH the Surface and witness Kelly’s ability to tackle life’s challenges head on in the face of adversity.

BN3TH Entourage member Kelly Jablonski was involved in a tragic plane crash in 2011 that resulted in grave injuries and serious training setbacks as he prepared to cycle the Trans Alps.

One of only 7 survivors, Kelly’s injuries were devastating with 60% of his upper torso broken and his spine needing to be fused together with rods and screws.

Kelly Jablonski's new film #ProjectThreePointZero gives viewers a behind the scenes look at his injury, recovery and road to victory.

Despite all odds, only weeks after the crash Kelly was back on his bike with the goal of competing in the Trans Alp, a 900km multi-stage bike race which was due to began only 8 short months later.

For him, this goal and focus on cycling was a key tool in battling the depression and PTSD that plagued him throughout his road to recovery.

"Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion” – Mohammed Ali

Cycling and skateboarding were always passions of Kelly's, and having a goal to focus on during recovery helped with depression and PTSD.

With the help of a supportive medical team, physiotherapist and teammates, Kelly accomplished his goal of participating in the Trans Alp and hasn’t looked back since.

Kelly Jablonski defied the odds by beating death, depression, PTSD and life changing injury to compete in the Haute Route.

#ProjectThreePointZero – The Kelly Jablonski Story is a short film that tells Kelly’s story from his perspective and highlights his perseverance, resiliency and can’t help but leave you feeling inspired. Watch below!

A film by: Brian Caissie

#ProjectThreePointZero is a short film by Brian Caissie that illustrate BN3TH Entourage member Kelly's positive attitude and perseverance.

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