BN3TH’s founder Dez Price talks inspiration, over-coming adversity and giving back with the pro skateboarder

BN3TH recently spent a day in Los Angeles with the inspiring and innovative T.J. Rogers. During fitness training at Runyan Canyon, Rogers’ go-tos are the breathable, moisture-wicking Entourage. And when it’s time to “skate with the stars” he’ll switch into the pillowy-softness of the Classics. But there’s a lot more to this pro skateboarder beyond the underwear.

As BN3TH founder Dez Price (a long-time friend of Rogers’) found out, being a professional athlete is a ‘round the clock job. After a rough childhood, Rogers found the desire to chase his dream of going pro. From Olympic qualification to battling cancer, nothing has been handed to him on a platter. Still, Rogers turns negatives into positives and continues to stoke out the next generation of skateboarders.

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