Ripping at snowboarding is one thing. But being an inspirational man is a whole ‘nother realm that Jesse Millen inhabits. Originally from Ontario, Millen, who is of Ojibway and Cree decent, has called Whistler, B.C. home for the past 16 years. And he has to be one of the most down-to-earth, hardest-working people we collaborate with. From backcountry sled missions to fighting woodland fires, Millen exudes manhood in its many shapes and forms. So knowing “it begins with what’s BN3TH,” we tapped Millen for a variety of images from his personal camera roll that shine the spotlight on the truly inspirational human that he is. 

All captions by Jesse Millen

Hover exit training during my first year wildland firefighting.
Hot and sweaty in the dog days of summer during one of many skatepark sessions.
Sunset black park sessions while filming up at Whistler Blackcomb.
Backcountry sunsets, charcuterie and camping via snowmobile with my partner in crime is about as good as it gets.
Fresh puppy hikes on Vancouver Island with my main hound Ghost.
After long work days in summer, nothing beats rope swing sends into cool water.
Most days, I'm up at 5:00am putting in work to get ready for winter conditioning.
I do a lot of sled missions around Smithers, B.C. searching for big jumps. 
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